Gardening – Renewal & Rejuventaion that brings it’s own sweet Reward.

Gardening may not feature highly on your to do list right now? Life, family and work probably take president, making ends meet to ensure your growing family have what they need to develop into rounded individuals, often takes priority.

What if I told you that you could improve your lifestyle by spending a few hours a week gardening? You’d probably think I was crazy and that your garden is for relaxing in. The idea of actually making your garden work for you is going to sound far-fetched, but imagine the satisfaction your kids would get from harvesting fresh flowers and vegetables they had grown for themselves? 

Grow fresh salad leaves all year round with succession planting.
Grow fresh salad leaves all year round with succession planting.

You see whether you may pay it any attention or not, your garden is still there, it sits quietly dormant though the colder months renewing it resources, replenishing its reserves until Spring! This rejuvenation of life is self-generating and even the non gardeners amongst us are drawn in to get involved, buying fresh flowers or simply planting a few bulbs. Many of us become hooked on gardening for the simplest of reasons, a hook that once caught we are reeled in and surprised to find that even a few hours spent gardening has its own rewards.

Gardening brings a satisfaction that only working with your hands can provide, Artists feel a similar passion on completing a painting, Farmers on a successful harvest. Working the land is in all of us, no, matter where we are going or where we have been and the coming of Spring and life’s rejuvenation reminds us of this re-birth.

The Autumn is for gratitude, to give thanks to the World! Natures blessing that rewards us with a plentiful harvest, but with careful manipulation and education we can garden and harvest all year round. We can grow hardy crops and salad leaves that tolerate all but the coldest conditions. We provide shelter and artificial heat to secure our most delicate crops, rejoicing as warmer weather arrives and our plants can be transferred to open ground to complete their life cycle.

Your own back garden, pots or yard can be a green oasis, hosting a whole range of fruit and vegetables that have zero carbon footprints, each filled with love and emotion that is personal and individual as you and your family are.  Supermarkets filled with fresh produce, wrapped in chemical coated cellophane and polystyrene trays may appear hygienic but compare the taste of these to sweet fresh fruit, salad leaves, herbs and vegetables that you could be growing for yourself.

Grow Fresh Raspberries

In-reality most of us do not have enough space to grow a year round supply of fruit and vegetables for our family but instead of stocking up on produce in packaging that needs recycling try shopping at a farmers market instead. Talking to the growers and finding out how the produce is grown and where it is raised, will help you connect. Build a relationship with the vegetable farmer and see how much more rewarding buying locally grown produce really is both for your new farming friend and your family.

Fresh Farmers market fruit and vegetables.
Fresh Farmers market fruit and vegetables.

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