How Love and Gratitude will help your Garden grow

Have you ever wondered how some gardens appear to flourish better than others? Even neighbouring gardens can differ greatly. What if I told you that gardeners who share their passion for Flowers, Lawns, Shrubs and Vegetables are generating a free energy that is helping their Garden grow!

Think for a moment about your Garden, the plants that you have selected the borders you have created and the time, effort and passion that you have applied to make your garden work for you! Now think about the one thing that connects every aspect of your Garden, the one thing that if it was absent even for just a few days the ecosystem would fail. 

Love water

One thing we take for granted and underestimate in the World, is responsible for not only keeping our Gardens in top condition but also for life itself.

It has a memory and power, it’s reflects light and absorbs energy, responds to emotions, knows love and gratitude and yet is lucid and transparent.

Water is life! It is in everything around us and yet we regularly forget its awesome ability! We channel it, we exploit it, we force it round corner’s, through plastic and copper and still it never complains.

Changing waters structure by exposing it to heavy metals and negativity, directing aggressive energies toward it so that molecular it transforms and dies, loosing it’s valuable resources.

This is something the human race has been doing for centuries, caused by pollution, fuels and industrial waste being pumped into water courses that make it unfit for consumption.

“Yet water still has this amazing ability to cleanse, to purify the worst of what we throw into it!”

Did you know that water’s structure is capable of changing though music and prayer, that Holy water is real and that by directing positive energy toward water we enhance its life saving abilities? The Earth, our bodies, our plants, nature and animals all depend upon water, the air we breath is saturated with it, the sun filtering clouds are made up of it, our rivers are lakes all depend upon it and Gardens thrive because of it.

Love and Gratitude

I don’t know about you but I Love water, I silently give thanks every time I turn on the tap, take a shower or boil the kettle. Watering the Garden is no different and whilst talking to your plants is proven to increase their intake of CO2, sending positive energy and emotion to water will improve its consistency, revitalising it so that everything it comes into contact with benefits from its improved molecular structure.


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