Growing walnuts for their nuts – the cultivar revelation

Having discovered a file that refers to the trials and tribulations experienced by a Walnut connoisseur, as she attempts to establish a Walnut paddock of her very own in middle England, early 1980’s. I am intrigued to discover more about her struggles but also about the history surrounding the humble “English” Walnut and it’s hybrids.

As Head Gardener for the current residents of said estate, we care for the remaining 35 of theses trees from the originally planting. Consisting of 20 of each of the following french varieties, Franquette and Parisenne, are now reaching maturity and bearing heavy crops most years.

Originally shipped in from France at great expense the files regularly refer to these trees as the first walnut plantation of it’s kind in the UK? How true this is will become clear as I compile my own article detailing the plight of a Walnut fancier who dreamed of harvesting her own fresh Walnuts from her Manor House Plantation. Sure is going to be an interesting journey and I hope you will enjoy reading it. French Walnuts

Gabriel Hemery

One walnut tree is not necessarily the same as another walnut tree.  Many people will have planted a walnut seed in their backyard waiting hopefully for the growing tree to produce a crop of nuts.  They will appear of course, as that is the wonder of nature, but the tree may be 20 years old before it crops.

Many people don’t realise that there have been available commercially for decades, many selected cultivars of different walnut varieties. No gardener would think of planting a wild apple or pear and expect a good crop of fruit of known quality.  It is just the same with walnut.  Choose a cultivar that has been bred for its nuts and you will be rewarded with consistent crops of nuts of a specified taste and quality.  Even more attractive is the fact that a grafted walnut cultivar may start producing nuts only 3 years after planting…

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