Gardening breaks all records and creates new trends

Gardening news normally reserved for the back pages of the most popular glossy magazines, has not only made a revival but is generating a trendy urban following, the likes of which has never been reported before.

The United Kingdom like the USA has always been a hot bed of passion for garden lovers, our English cottage gardens, garden designers and landscapers are all the rage on our TV’s. Turning gardener’s into celebrities overnight, seeing them hosting anything from a cookery programme to reality shows!

Finally we appear to be turning a corner and horticulture is being taken seriously, in-fact the United States are leading the way as their inner city gardens are finding a new audience, who are willing and able to lend a hand.

The trendy urban dweller both at home and across the pond are turning their own plot or backyard into a self-sufficient paradise. Families are becoming resourceful, finding rare seeds and unusual plants for their own gardens. Some are even growing hard to come by fruit and vegetables, preferring the grow your own option to that of mass-produced, well-travelled produce from overseas.

Homegrown produce

This revival for growing your own range of largely organic produce is not for everyone and those lacking a green thumb are turning to inner city farms and pop up gardens for their fresh vegetables. These small often community run, city farms are finding a trendy urban clientele that they had only dreamed of in the past.


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