Are Horticultural Professionals really in short supply?

I remember days of old when opting for a career in horticulture was frowned upon and recall my career advisor suggesting I apply for a professional career in the Police force, teaching or similar higher paid, more streamline alternatives.

How supply and demand for horticultural professionals has changed the marketplace! Today we are crying out for horticultural students and career changers to choose a career in horticulture. The shortage of professional horticulturalists like myself is the result of this short sightedness leaving a huge gap in the employment market for experienced gardeners and gardening staff.

Garden jobsRecruitment agencies report record low’s in response to their advertisements for Head gardeners and experienced estate managers. Whilst the horticultural industry as a whole cites low wages and poor development opportunities for the lack in new comers, and as a result the recruitment agency are reporting highest number of vacancies that continue to drive salaries sky ward.

Great news for horticultural professionals who now have the luxury of hand picking their next career move and naming their salary, many finding themselves head hunted for high profile positions for wealthy landowners or National Trust properties at home or internationally. Not so great news for the industry who have since early 2000’s been working hard to raise the profile and change the image for the industry from a last choice career move to a rewarding, enjoyable and healthy career option.

The Chartered Institute of Horticulture who represent professionals in the horticultural industry supported Grow an organisation set up in 2006 to meet the growing needs of the industry to encourage people to choose horticulture as a career option. Incorporating every aspect of horticulture Grow is a career advisory for anyone of all ages looking to start or develop a career path in this challenging and rewarding industry.

No matter what aspect of horticulture you are interested in Grow can help! Perhaps you would like to set up your own business as a grower or a landscaper and need support help and advise, looking for a career in parks and gardens or want to work with the National trust, English heritage or a private estate.

Chris Beardshaw figure heads this enterprise alongside a strong network of industry professionals is raising the profile of horticulture and the fantastic range of opportunities that the industry offers. Closely working with Horticulture week a magazine for professional horticulturalists and gardeners alike. Grow has made massive advances for the industry offering apprenticeship and college advice for anyone starting out or making a career change.

Considering a career in horticulture? With over 25 years in the horticultural industry I can highly recommend all aspects of horticulture as a highly challenging a rewarding career path, may I also suggest you visit Growcareers  for yourself and find out what’s on offer.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lyn Ellis says:

    Excellent blog Stephen, I’m sure that anyone who would like a change of career in horticulture would benefit from your extensive knowledge and passion


    1. growhort says:

      Thank you Lyn I really appreciate you dropping by and hope you find my future articles of interest.


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