Clematis for every season

Large colourful flowers appearing as if by magic, held aloft by thin wiry stems adorned with delicate light green leaves who’s tendrils weave their way around pillar or post, wall, shrub or frame. That can only be the Clematis, popular the World over with many of the high profile varieties and species that we see today originating from China.

Common place in many a garden or backyard container, Clematis have won the hearts of many professional or novice gardener alike and no wonder with it’s vast diverse range of flower, leaf and habit, there really is a Clematis for everyone.

Many of us are familiar and will easily recognise summer flowering varieties that shout out for our attention with vivid blues and magenta’s or bi-colours of pink and white stripes that almost look painted on. Subtle smaller flowered varieties that have frills or double flowers that resemble an underskirt from a bygone era and those whose flowers look like delicate stars fallen down from the night sky.

Whatever clematis takes your fancy by following a few basic rules and understanding the origin of clematis you can fill your garden with such a range of Clematis that you will never be short of colour. In-fact by following my simple guide to growing clematis for every season you can have a succession of flowers that brave even the coldest winter months.

The following Clematis have been personally selected on merit, by planting one of each of the clematis below you will be added depth and interest to your garden, providing it with both fresh new flowers, finely cut leaves and even add some contrast with the deep glossy evergreen leaves.


Spring flowering Clematis

Clematis montanaClematis montana

Clematis macropetalaC. alpina

Clematis macropetalaC. macropetala

 My favourite Summer flowering Clematis are as follows

Clematis PresidentC. President

Clematis jackmaniiC. Jackmanni

Clematis cardinal rougeC. cardinal rouge

Clematis Miss BatemanC. Bateman

Late Summer into Autumn flowering Clematis tend to be smaller flowers, but also bear in mind that many of the Summer flowering Clematis may have a second less showy flush of flowers in September.

Clematis tanguticaC.tangutica

Clematis SieboldiiC. sieboldii

Clematis rectaC.recta

Winter flowering Clematis like ‘Armandii’ and cirrhosa

Clematis cirrhosa FrecklesClematis cirrhosa Freckles

C. ArmandiiC. Armandii

Follows to my blog will realise I have a passion for Clematis and plan to write many more articles helping you care for, propagate and prune your Clematis to get the best results year after year. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my blog posts and hope you will feel able to sure them with your friends.


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  1. An excellent variety. thank you. I once had a yellow-flowering clem, similar to the one above. It was so lovely.


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