Time for a Facebook Storyboard – Discover Viral Content Marketing

Have you ever noticed how some social media stories, tug at the heart strings, generate an emotion and get us to respond. Latest news, missing children, cute Disney pets, an injustice to society, celebrity fashion, news, he said, she said!

We all Love a good story and if you want to master your Facebook Story-board telling technique then it’s time to rely on some good old fashioned story-telling.

Journalists have always been good and generating a story from thin air, whether it be celebrity news or the latest disaster, somehow they manage to pout a spin on it to create a time sensitive viral masterpiece.

Have you heard about the Teacher in Philadelphia PA, who for years has been a role model for teachers, parents and children alike, teaching in a Catholic school in Philly. Highly regarded and respected in the community the teacher and his same sex partner decided it was time to commit and planned a civil-ceremony over the state line in the Garden State of New jersey. A courtesy email was sent to the headmaster booking a day off for the ceremony, to everyone dismay the schools official response was to dismiss the teacher on ground of sexual preference.

Whilst I feel this story is a tough one and the hardship the couple must be feeling as this controversy picks up momentum has my deepest sympathy! I mention this because the media storm that is generating behind this outrage has stirred emotions, generated a response, support for the teacher is un-wavered and the school board is having to re-consider it’s position.

Egg on one’s face Springs to mind.

This story has a time sensitive factor, a need to reach millions of people to get a reaction and fast. If you think about the story your telling, the posts your making on a daily basis to your social media in the hope to generate some interest in your product or business.

Take a moment to think like a journalist or better still your Grandmother telling you a story in the hope it will grab at your imagination and help you dream a sweet dream.

In this case we want people to react, comment, share, like and click through on your all important links.

 Bloggers are often hit a similar wall, hoping that the latest blog post will hit a nerve or become part of a viral traffic explosion, sending visitors spiralling to your website.

Want to learn more about content creation for your Social media profiles, or perhaps you like to know where I got such great free stock graphics from? Subscribe to my blog posts, they may not be smart or particularly clever but they will help you maximise your business potential with no nonsense advise and tips and remember if you have a story that you feel passionate about! There are lot’s of ways you can share and become part of a viral story and hopefully one day it will be a story you created.

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