How to RSS feed your PPH hourlies for maximum exposure

People Per Hour famously restrict use of RSS feeds to promote your hourlies, favouring the manual submission to social media platforms over RSS feeds. Leaving freelancers with very few options when it comes to automating the social sharing of hourlies.

After searching the internet for free rss feed readers, that collate your website content and create a rss feed, I quickly realised that PPH restrict this option and that the feed is either incomplete or broken. I wanted a quick and easy way to spread my new hourlies to my social media channels without hassle..

Here’s what I discovered, whilst browsing my google+1 posts, I remembered that pinterest board rss feeds are easy to set up and manipulate, so by adding feed/rss to the end of your pinterest board url, not only can you create an targeted RSS feed but also you can copy this feed into your social media management dashboard.

I use hootsuite for business and one of the many fantastic options that hoot suite allow is the addition of RSS or atom feeds.

Simply add your new Pinterest RSS Url to your hoot suite channel. Setting up your RSS feed to post is easy you can select to read the feed every 24hrs or every hour and select a social media channel to distribute this free feed to…

Posting regularly or creating new boards for your Pinterest profile will ensure that you regularly post to several platforms and gain new fans and potential clients. If you take this one step further you can invite fellow PPH freelancers to also pin to your Pinterest boards and create a hub of activity, for your people per hour hourlies and your social channels.

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  1. Stephen Lea says:

    Thanks for dropping by Cheers for the link 🙂


  2. Stephen Lea says:

    Thanks for dropping by your hourlies will be shared @growtweets and across numerous social platforms 🙂


  3. Stephen Lea says:

    Thanks for dropping by your hourlies will be shared @growtweets and across numerous social platforms 🙂


  4. amil says:


  5. amil says:


  6. Anonymous says:

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