How to dominate Facebook likes with targeted timeline posts.

How to win friends and influence people on Facebook!

You probably think Facebook is a big waste of your time and often get distracted by advertising or gaming? Don’t worry you are not alone, many Facebook users are yet to fully realise the potential behind social media marketing of which Facebook claims to dominate.

Getting people to react and engage with you on Facebook is just liking making new friends and associates in day to day life situations. Some of us find it easy others of us prefer company of close friends and family, and often live isolated choosing to work from home.

Working from home can bring it’s own rewards but you do have to work harder to find new clients and business leads, utilising the power of social media to do this is essential and cost effective. Future posts will explain the need to create a business persona for yourself and your business, but for now we will discuss how to engage with your page followers and potential customers.

So do you want to learn how to get a better response from your Facebook posts?

1. Sure you do and there’s the first tip! Ask a question, simple, think about your fan base and what interests them. Choosing the right question to ask is sure to get a response and immediately improve your engagement and post views.

2. Easy right! So next you want to make sure that you have gained your fans interest, don’t give everything away keeping your posts short will ensure you have their interest without giving to much information away.

3. Keep it real – If you want your follower to react, tell them how and what you want them to do, want likes, comments or shares? Then be sure to ask. Give something of value, make sure the information you are giving is of use to your followers and leave them wanting more.

4. Adding an outgoing link to your website where your fans can find out more is a great way to direct traffic to an outgoing link that can help turn a follower into a paying customer and future client.

5. Keep it light and positive, no one likes negativity and if you want engagement best keep your posts positive and have a clear objective.

6. Are you using your Facebook page thumbnails effectively? Applications are a great way to engage your fans and with platforms like woobox making it easy to add incoming and outgoing page links, you cannot lose.

7. Images posted socially, scream “like me” choosing the correct image can escalate your page views and social sharing.

Your fans are just waiting to respond to your comments, and when you master this technique you will find that once you post your comment, pictures or links that you will get an immediate response with multiple shares and comments.

Before you rush in an begin paying for your Facebook posts advertising! Remember that until you have mastered the technique of composing a great post, you will be wasting your money. Paying for Facebook advertising cannot make a badly worded post good, but it can give a great post even more visibility.

Promoting your Facebook posts organically is far better and a super way to learn… Next find out how to evaluate your Facebook page.

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