Free Squidoo Lens – Article Review

Does your desire to write a review, take you on a journey, perhaps you like to share your holiday experiences with Squidoo friends and colleagues?

Maybe deep sea diving is your thing, and you would like to write about your experience or offer a guide to scuba diving for the masses.

I know a good article or Squidoo lens when I see one! Having written hundreds of articles both on and off Squidoo I can offer you a Free evaluation of your latest lens.

Sounds to good to be true? Here are a few examples of lenses I reviewed and the improvements that were made are significant. Did you know that a Tier 1, Squidoo lens could net you a big fish and earn over 100’s of dollars a month?

The Catch you might ask? You just have to find a style of writing that appeals to the masses, choose a subject that pulls the heart strings, offers valuable information for free or if topically and trending right now.

The biggest mistake people make when writing a Squidoo lens, is rushing to finish.

A good lens should take a least a few days to complete and included some well research current and well constructed material, video, photographs and applications but be careful before you load your article with recycled goods.

Squidoo loves originality and if you copy other people work your likely to get banned and loose access to all your money making lenses. Once you have reviewed your lenses and followed my Squidoo fool proof guide you will be able ready to promote your lens, and whilst dropping the odd link to your friends on Facebook might surface it certainly won’t bring you flow of freshwater targeted traffic you deserve.

Think about promoting your lens in as many places and in different ways as you can, for example, Blog posts like this one are great for dropping a lenses link, then there search engine submission and of course all the Squidoo based sites that love your article links like this great lens for Squidoo updates advise.

Interested in getting more traffic to your Squidoo lens? 

Leave a short keyword rich description and leave a reciprocal link to your Squidoo lens below and in return our blog readers will check out and comment on your lens.

This type of keyword rich organic traffic can help rate your lens visibility a amongst search engines and help make you a squid maestro.

In addition if you’d like to leave a comment on my Squidoo profile I’d be happy to do the same for you, but for a back link from this blog to your lens leave your Squidoo link in the comments box. Remember get your thinking cap on and write an article that means something to you, information you’d like to share with others and that may be of interest to the masses.

But even if you feel Squidoo has past it’s best! There are still lot’s of new and exciting article blogging platforms that would love to have you register and earn with them. read my article Best Squidoo Alternatives

If you like the way I have used free stock images amongst my post, to grab your attention and make a rather dull topic more interesting then you may like to read more about Best Free Stock Images for Articles and Blog Posts

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