Secretly Unfollow Facebook Friends

Tolerating news feeds that you really rather not see?  Well good news cause Facebook has added the option to UnfollowmeFacebook the latest of Facebook U-turns that allow us to decide what messages appear on our news feed.

Best still if you fall out with your Facebook friends they will never know you un-followed them.

A news feed overloaded with posts that really don’t interest you can be annoying, your friends who insist on telling you what they had for breakfast, may not be your cup of tea. Fortunately Facebook has realised we need an option to remove these annoying news feeds from our timeline.
Clicking on the arrow on the right side of your friends post will show, several options. Giving you the opportunity to unfollow a page or friends post in seconds.
 Facebook have combined this U-turn with a survey, enabling us to advise Facebook on our preferences and therefore target newsfeed posts.
By selecting that you no longer wish to see this type of post or if the opposite is true and you prefer to be notified then you can select the strongly agree option.

Facebook desperate to retain and grow it’s followers is determined to do everything it can to keep you engaged and fuelling the ego that is fighting to hold on to the top spot amongst heavy competition for your online profile and engagement.

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