Is Social Media a return on your investment?

If your heading into a business venture you want to be sure you will be getting a return on your investments! Same applies with marketing campaigns it all comes down to ROI.

SMO or Social media optimisation being no different, social media ROI for any small businesses is an essential piece of information you will want before you begin spending cash on dominating social networks.

As a small businesses you do not have the money to waste on large marketing campaigns, especially if they do not raise your sales numbers, no matter how new and interesting they may be.

While everyone knows and understands measuring social media ROI is difficult, but many people don’t realise that by correctly targeting your advertising campaigns you can save money and refine you ROI results.

Social media has changed the way your customers interact with your business. Potential clients spend far more time on social networking sites, to stand a chance in this competitive industry you need to increase your visibility in the places they hang.

Potential clients are looking to socialise with the brands that they plan to do business with, and you need to be part of this conversation. As with all marketing approaches, this needs to be planned in a strategic manner. That’s why it is useful to have a team of specialists providing practical expertise and working from experience.

Like with any other marketing strategy your social media strategies must fit your key components: Visibility, Interaction, Conversion, and Retaining.

 Once the sales process is clearly defined in regards to online sales social media strategies can be developed to further one or more of the goals. At that point ROI can be compared to the goals that you have set.

 Unlike traditional sales processes online goals require social media results must also reflect those qualities that make your businesses online clients, their experiences and online journey one that they will share.

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