How to Get Maximum Facebook Page Likes by Sharing.

Facebook Likes to Share! 

Google hover’s in with Hummingbird algorithm creating a natural human method to search engine rankings. Causing a stir amongst search engines as they adjust to keep ahead of SEO, without loss of rankings.

Google aims to rate your social media posts on the numbers of shares and interaction, replacing the simple click for rankings, making SEO and SMO equally important for anyone looking to claim their sector of the internet marketplace.

Facebook introduce the share button, doing away with posts likes, encouraging us to engage and share rather then click a like! Taking their lead from Google, to share, developing on our human instinct to communicate. In fact those website who share information, answer questions and encourage interaction are likely to be favoured.

Facebook page likes are a popular conversation with many of my clients and while Facebook may attempt to too assure us that the quality over quantity is what matters. Business owners are still focusing on those all important yet evasive likes.

How to Maximise facebook Likes
How to Maximise facebook Likes 

Taking a business view on Facebook page likes, we should regard them as followers. We are actually interested in the person behind the like, focusing on the interaction and engagement that the newest follower offers to your page. The interaction with the associated content and links on your timeline is a greater indictor to the proposed success or failure of your page, as it continues develops with the intention of sending followers to your external sites.

In Facebook’s wisdom they all profiles to have 5 thousand friends and to like 5 thousand pages give or take a few hundred and once profile exceeds these figure they are then blocked from adding new contacts or news feeds to your timeline or profile. 
How to Maximise facebook Likes
How to Maximise Facebook Page Likes 

However I believe it will only be a matter of time before Facebook add a subscribe button to these pages, as with current profiles, we will be invited to follow a pages activity via a subscription. Encouraging further interaction, even if you have exceed the limit for your profile. If you like to read more about maximising Facebook likes for your business then read my next article How to Get valuable Facebook Page Likes by subscribing by email to my blog at the top of this page or contact me for a Free Evaluation of your social media pages.

Here are Ten Facebook pages you really should know about!

10 Facebook Pages you should know about! Feel free to like and share you posts regularly on these page our team are ready and waiting to share your posts.

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