Wild Mushroom Perogi – Eastern European Stuffed Dumplings

Polish night WalesPerogi can be found in every kitchen in Eastern Europe, famed for providing a nutritious sustainable meal for the whole family on a tight budget.

No reason why the Polish should have all the fun, these tasty Polish pies, make a great starter, we filled our with a strong Welsh Cheddar Cheese, creamy mashed potatoes and spring onions.

These small dough pies or filled dumplings are on every slavic menu and often the choice of diners who are looking for an affordable meal. Often filled with a combination of mashed potatoes, sautéed onions, cabbage, cheese, meat, spinach, this diverse pie can satisfy even the hungriest family.

Combine with hand picked wild mushrooms and some home grown ingredients and your provided with a handsome meal that can be altered to offer variety and nutrition for your family and visitors to your home.

Perogi often find there way to the festival tables during one of the many periods of celebration that favour the deeply religious regions of Poland and similarly Eastern Europe. Originally regarded as peasant food the Perogi has found it’s way into Christmas, Easter and Weddings and often a welcome treat that held the partygoer maintain sobriety during these heavy drinking sessions.

A selection of Polish beers

A busy family may consider buying these delicious Perogi from the freezer section of the local supermarket but chances are whilst living in remote Eastern Europe you will be sharing your family home with an expert Perogi maker often the Babcia (grandmother), often the head of every Polish kitchen.

Making perogi polish pies
One of the great things about perogi is that they can be made in advance and stored for use, pre-boiling the crimped parcels ensures they seal tight and once cooled they can be stored in the fridge or frozen.
Strong cheese and potato perogi

If you are lucky enough to have a Polska sklep a Polish store near you, then be sure to check it out! It’s not a complicated as you think and often the shop assistance will be able to help you find what you need. If you are making Polish perogi then Polish flour Maka is essential, since your only adding a little warm water to make the dough a good flour will make all the difference.

Perogi are so popular in Poland that they even have their own Saint “Swiety Jacek z pierogami! (St. Hyacinth and his pierogi!) often an exclamation of surprise “Oh my gosh” where this originated from no one knows?

If your still not a Perogi fan, then perhaps sweet Perogi will tempt you, filed with strawberries, fruits and jams these filled pies are often served with sour cream and make a tasty dessert.
strawberry pergoi

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