Squidoo or not to Squidoo ? A tough decision for lens masters.

No doubt you will of heard of Squidoo! Maybe you have even been as far as publishing a few articles but of late Squidoo has been plagued with some real problems and losing members faster than they can find new ones.

Squidoo may have put it lens masters and members through hard times of late, making demands on the way articles are written, how they make money and limiting the outgoing links. Those who have had the durability to stick it through will be the first to reap the benefits, but what about newcomers to Squidoo?

Can Squidoo really regain the trust of it’s members and encourage new members to sign up while it struggles to keep it’s association with Google and those all essential search engines?

Squidoo lens are still a great resource for business owners who want a strong back link associated with their website or product. Apply some clever writing and some indirect promotion and you may even get a tier one lens that can also generate some revenue.

Once you have made the decision to update your lenses and review your standing as a Squidoo lens master, you may find lenses you update locked for numerous offences that suddenly break the rules.

Consider starting again with a fresh account, Squidoo in my experience have applied some heavy handed tactics to clear the dead wood from their article directory.

Sign up for Squidoo and start publishing articles for your business or find a great Squidoo article writer for yourself.

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  1. Magali says:

    They've burned too many people. No serious writer is going to deal with them.


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