Social Media at Work

Do you have a talent for social media, tired of the mundane daily routine at work?

Then put your social skills to the challenge and be sure your employee knows of your social media skills as chances are your boss will be looking for someone to develop their businesses social media very soon.

As business clamber to develop a social media strategy and play catch up. It’s likely that many business owners will realise the potential of social media for their business and look for a social media manager to implement these goals.

 2013 with expectations of growth the issue of social media at work is gaining attention, especially after the most recent Payscale report confirms that social media numbers are rising both in the workplace and for recruitment.

 Refreshingly the report shows optimism for the upcoming year in almost every sector of employment and highlights an increase in the role of social media in both employee recruitment and industry growth. Although at first employee raises may not seem to be related to the growth of social media at workplaces but if given a little more study one can see that if employers have extra money for employee incomes they most likely have extra money for marketing as well.

 With social media marketing being the best investment for businesses of any industry it only makes sense that marketing dollars being invested would be spent on growing and promoting social media.

Social Media at Work:

Employers Encourage Social Media at Work According to the 2012 Payscale Compensation Best Practices Report “57% of employers in information, media and telecommunication hired new talent in 2011.” This was by far the fastest growing industry and we think it’s no surprise that the same industry was reported as having a 59% rate of employer encouragement of social media at work. Obviously, not only allowing but promoting the use of social media in the workplace is the where future growth is going and already thrives as seen by Payscale’s prediction of 78% financial growth in the information, media and telecommunication industries in 2012.

 Social Media Pay:

Recruitment Payscale reported that 43% of employers use some form of social media strategy to recruit new talent. This is an amazing number as it not only shows the importance of social media at work but it also shows a clear disconnect between employer behavior and employee directives. 43% of employers use social media to recruit (across all industries) yet 38% of those same employers ban all social media at work.

Changes are due as more employers become educated to the value of social media. It’s been a long time coming but this report shows that industries are beginning to legitimize the use of social media at work beyond the traditional confines of the marketing department.

Hopefully the economy will continue to improve and more industries will find themselves able to hire more employees and invest more in social media at work.

Looking to appoint a social media manger?  Wondering where to start try PPH People Per Hour a website for employing skilled workers to do micro jobs online.

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