Facebook Competitions Get the Green Light

Facebook are completing yet another politically famous U turn and dropping the page competition restrictions that it enforced for the last few years.

Great news for brands and small businesses, who have struggled with faulty apps and false promises associated with these promotion based pages and applications.

Facebook’s official comment is that is has proven impossible to mange promotion pages and that self managed page promotions are to be the preferred method of offering competitions, draws, offers to page followers.

Bad news if you are the owner or currently building an application that relies on this outdated Facebook rule! Fast becoming an elephants graveyard of outdated Facebook rules and guidelines.

As a social media manger, I for one find it difficult to keep track of the recent Facebook search adaptations, a good way to keep on top is too set up a Google alert email notification. Easy to do and refine to send you the latest news direct to your in box every few days.

Once you get updates that are important to you and your business, you can adjust your social media strategy accordingly.

Small businesses are going to be excited with the news that they are now free to run competitions from their own page, no longer limited by the restrictions placed by the latest app.

Facebook reeling from the retraction of the strict timeline cover regulations and now the promotions and giveaway rules has put itself in the firing line from critics who are predicting Google as a future social media front runner.

Dominating the social media marketplace for now, Facebook struggle to remain on top, with competition from rival networks and heavy policing along with security and policy changes.

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