Catching the Sun – Recycling plastics at Chapel Crafts

Celebrating a wonderful start to the Summer, a hugely successful Open Day and month long #freeartinaugust events is seeing the Chapel and it’s hilltop garden making the most of the Summer sun.

Always looking for new crafting ideas to share with her students, Pammy uses Pinterest to browse for inspiration. Pinterest is a great resource for crafters and artists and can often help spark an idea, browsing for a colourful new craft.

The idea for this latest craft, came from an idea by Pammy’s eldest who said the windows of the Chapel would look good with stained glass!

Instead of stained glass painting we decided to research colourful sun catchers and how we could use recycled materials to create a translucent sun catching window ornament or decoration.

Learning a new craft is great fun, however there is a lot of preparation and practise involved, plastics melt at different temperatures and require constant supervision and a well aired room.

Milk bottle tops and coke caps make great solid recycled plastic accessories when melted and can be used along with pony beads to make some wonderful light reflecting household decorations or handy bowls and coasters or even Christmas or window decorations.

Thanks to the success of our workshops Chapel Crafts will be running additional free workshops and classes every month. Check out the link below for monthly demonstrations, paid and free classes.

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