Free Art at Chapel Crafts

Free Art in August at Chapel Crafts has, to date seen the small Welsh community Chapel a buzz with craft lovers and artists from all over montgomeryshire and beyond. 
Thrilled to see so many people enjoying the Chapel’s facilities and learning a new hobby, Pammy the Chapel curator and artist in residence loves nothing better than to share her passion for art by teaching others a new skill or technique.

Pammy’s painting classes are a firm favourite with visitors to the Chapel, fun, lively and with a relaxed approach to teaching Pammy style helps everyone learn to paint.

Fellow crafters who exhibit at the Chapel, are invited to host demonstrations and workshops, giving the local community an opportunity to discover a new hobby or art technique.

Lyn from Dragon Woods held an entertaining MDF decoupage and painting demonstration, where students got to try decorating of these shapes, letters and names

Molding with air dried clay kept the Chapel visitors entertained for hours as they carved, sculpted and laughed with others during our free event.

Firstly creating a basket in terracotta coloured clay and after a tea break returning to mold with blue clay a collection of wonderfully charismatic dolphins.

Pammy would love to have a potters wheel and a kiln at the Chapel one day and further extend the free workshops and demonstrations on offer throughout the year.

Our 2013 #freeartinaugust event that has given the community an opportunity to try a range of arts and crafts for themselves.
Thanks to the success of these free workshops Chapel Crafts will be running additional free workshops and classes every month. Check out the link below for monthly demonstrations.

Want to join our Free Art in August workshops?

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