Painting Workshops at Chapel Crafts

August is a busy month at Chapel Crafts with local crafters and artists uniting to offer free classes, demonstrations and workshops for the month long event. 
Pammy the Chapel curator and artist in residence loves nothing better than to fill the chapel with art and craft lovers, families, friends and budding artists, who are simply looking for the opportunity to share their passion with others and learn a new skill.
Pammy believes she can teach anyone to paint! With such a diverse range of students from toddlers to pensioners making there way to the chapel, Pammy has the opportunity to prove the statement as true. 
Lively, fun filled and social, Pammy’s painting classes are much more than just putting paint to paper, the classes are a chance for people to make new friends whilst learning a new hobby.
A tranquil, idyllic and relaxing environment is key to learning a new skills and you would be hard pressed to find somewhere that offers such serene workspace as Cefn-Y-Faenor, community Chapel. Now a fully functioning community arts and crafts centre, the Chapel is finally enjoying a full house with lot’s of lively banter and laughter and of course a chance to learn to paint.
Lots of classes still planned for August and of course you can sign up for a affordable classes and demonstrations starting in September.
Want to join our Free Art in August workshops

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