Why You Should Follow the Swallows to Chapel Crafts!

Chapel Crafts newly formed non-profit community organisation has hit the ground running, great news for the four volunteer managers who, have worked tirelessly to prepare the ground work that will make this venture a success.

Pammy the Chapel curator and Artist in residence invites you to the Chapel’s Open Day, where it promises to be a colourful craft lovers event.
Helping you find your way to Chapel Crafts, Pammy has hand painted Swallows to show you the way to the Community Chapel in Cefn-Y-Faenor, Berriew.

Once a template has been created Pammy send the design to be cut from 8mm mdf.
Primed Swallows made from mdf by Dragons Wood Ltd, Welshpool.
A view from the original Pulpit at Cefn-Y-Faenor, Berriew, a recent visitor to the Chapel told Pammy that the Pulpit was originally in the center of the room near the original stove, which went through the middle of the high ceiling.
Crafters from all over the area are heading to Chapel Crafts to help celebrate their launch and open weekend July 20th and 21st. Hope to see you there.

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