Gardening at Chapel Crafts

First arriving at the Chapel with my mother almost 15 years ago, I recall the garden, was well more of a field really with a few struggling fruit trees and a few laurels. The garden was very non-discript and lifeless, very much like the chapel after years of neglect.

Once Mum was settled in, we began digging out a large pond and using the subsoil to create island beds adding contours and definition to the otherwise flat field.  After many years hard graft the garden has become a hidden hillside paradise, now a suitable companion to the Chapel filled with an array arts and crafts.

The Chapel’s garden is also packed full with shrubs and perennials that resemble an artist palette, a living breathing oil painting that changes with the seasons.

Birds singing high up in the branches of the regal oaks are a common sight, as they cheerful announce their arrival.

In the distance oaks, birch, hollies and pines offer much needed protection from the high gusts of wind often experienced on blustery days to both the birds and visitors to the Chapel.

Colour in the garden is often mis-understood and here is a fine example of how green can feature in so many shades, that it creates a colour palette all of it’s own. This the most relaxing corner of the garden is still one of my favourites.
Wildflowers are encouraged in the garden as are the wildlife they attract, we have kept the garden free from weedkillers and fertilisers for many years, preferring the natural organic approach to gardening.


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