Chapel Crafts a Hidden Gem!

Visitors to the Chapel often take a deep breath when they enter through the large double wooden doors that protect this 200 year old Chapel from the elements. Gusting winds and heavy rain are not uncommon in this rich lush farming area of Mid Wales, over looking the Severn Valley, high above the picturesque village of Berriew.

When the sun does make an appearance the rolling hills are transformed into an artist paradise, as the shadows give depth and definition to the undulating grassy fields, hedgerows and forests that furnish the surrounding countryside. Sunlight so intense that it gives those who have time to sit and watch the changing scenery, a feeling of peace and completeness that can only be found in nature.

Pammy has always believed Cefn-Y-Faenor Chapel to be a magical place, a wonderous delight to those who discover this hidden gem in the hills. Having resided at the Chapel for over 15 years, Pammy has meet with people from all over the world, who have made their way to the Chapel by chance or purpose, sharing and welcoming everyone with a friendly, warm greeting that only comes from someone who has found their perfect home.

The Chapel has guided Pammy through some rough times and with her art at her side, a constant companion for those long winter nights, Pammy has found true solace caring for the Chapel as it in return takes care of her!

Pammy believes the Chapel has a hidden power, a belief that is realised almost daily as she lays witness to the Chapel’s ability to provide for her and her visitors that find there way here. Many visitors are so taken with the place that they return regularly to soak up the atmosphere that is such a calming influence over our busy lives.

Pammy recalls visitors to the Chapel who have been reduced to tears, seeing the place after so many years of it falling into disrepair. Visitor who now see the Chapel loved and cared for and filled to the brim with local Arts and Crafts created by the community of Artists that support the Chapel, believing in Pammy’s dream to once again see the Chapel as an integral part of the community.


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