Helping you find Chapel Crafts

Perched on a mountain ridge, Cefn-Y-faenor, Chapel used to be a meeting place for local families and a place to unite for religious ceremonies. Standing in the Chapel and soaking up the relaxing atmosphere, you are almost taken back in time, of course the walls were not painted with scenes of a religious nature or a gallery that reaches from the floor to the high ceilings.

In fact many things have changed, a nice new slate roof, a workshop for artists and crafters alike, a hub for the community that over the years so many visitors have enjoyed. Chapel Crafts are busy with plans for the Summer as we plan to inform, encourage and invite local businesses and residents to share in the  idyllic tranquility and feeling of peace that the Chapel offers to it’s modern day congregation.

Finding the Chapel, hidden of the beaten track is going to get easier! As we are busy putting the final touches to our signs and promotional material.

We hope you will come and visit us soon and drop by for a chat and a cup of tea as we share our plans with you for our Summer of Art events and demonstrations. 
Call Pammy on 01686640722 to find out more.

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