Chapel Crafts appoints a Social Media Management team!

If you have been following our blog posts, then you will be aware that things are moving fast for Chapel Crafts. Support is pouring in from the community as the list of volunteers willing to get involved is growing rapidly and our website and blogging is generating some much needed media attention.

Chapel Crafts is not alone in this venture in fact artists all over the World struggle to raise the profile of their art and creations on a day to day basis. Inviting the community to get involved from ground level up, Chapel Crafts is determined to help community artists, small businesses and learning disabilities find their voice.

Wanting to involve all aspects of the community Chapel Crafts has appointed an in house social media management team, to not only manage their own social networking but to also raise the profile of local business connected with the Chapel and it’s plans.

ChapelCrafts and GrowSocialea invite you to join in and will be hosting a series of “Social Media for Business” classes. Starting with the basics CC & GS plan to help you understand the jargon and help you claim your place amongst the competitive social media networking platforms that everyone is talking about.

GrowSocialea is an internationally recognised social media management team, who work alongside, Artists, Models, Actors, Coaches, Personal Trainers and many more. Chapel Crafts are very pleased to have appointed GrowSocialea to the role and look forward to some exciting developments over the next few months.

Social Media Summer School: 

Where you will learn how to maximise the power of social media for your business during our weekly evening classes. Just £5 per class here’s your chances to get your first class free!

Social Media Tutoring:

Small groups or one to one class, helping you learn to master social media for yourself, If you are struggling to master Facebook, Twitter or perhaps even set up your ESTY online store. GrowSocialea will take you through every step to setting up your online business. Contact me for class dates and availability.

Social Media Management:

Perhaps you do not have the time to manage your own social media, yet still realise the potential of an online presence for your small business. Then GrowSocialea can help we have a monthly management programme that will help you get your small business recognition online. Contact me for details.

If you would like to find out more about GrowSocialea then be sure to sign up to their blog and Facebook page.

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