I0 Easy Steps to Evaluating your Facebook page

So are you ready to critic your Facebook page for business?

There is no denying that used as part of your business marketing that a facebook business page can help your business reach a target audience.

Based on % we are about to rate your progress with 10 simple steps to ensure you get the very best results from you post optimised Facebook page.

Don’t be down hearted if you score badly, these results will help you focus on what is important and by completing these steps you can soon get your page back on track.

All these improvements can be done yourself and in following articles I will show you how! You will learn how to use some excellent applications and programs that work well with Facebook pages and can save you tons of cash.

However this is great news if perhaps you have several pages to manage and lot’s of free time, as many of us are busy running our own businesses, the reality is that we seldom have time to learn about new design platforms and applications.

If instead you are going to hire a developer, there are lots of options to getting your Facebook page optimised and we discuss these here.

Here are the first 10 steps  I use to evaluate a Facebook page for business, you may find this useful for your own and if you want a professional evaluation that includes an additional 11 steps then get in touch.

  1. Facebook Page Cover
  2. Facebook Page Profile Logo
  3. Linked Facebook Page Tabs 
  4. Facebook About Us
  5. Facebook Page Description
  6. Correct Category
  7. Engaging Applications
  8. Customised URL
  9. Installed Replies
  10. Engaging Graphics
Click on the above links to discover how you can fully optimise your Facebook page options.


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