When Swallows Return!

If you had found your perfect home or resting place, would you not do everything in your power to stay? It probably would not matter to you if it was not exactly as you wish. Diligently you would set about fixing it up, repairing, painting and  furnishing the interior and exterior of your home.

This is how Pammy feels, whilst she may not live in the grandest of homes, it may to some be lacking in luxury items and certainly could do with some modernisation, but looking back over the last 15 years it is amazing what has been achieved.

Sure we all need to de-clutter! Our desire to fill our homes our somewhat wasteful hoarding lifestyles and take a detached viewpoint of our belongings.

We should all regularly discard or donate to goodwill things we no longer need or desire and feel some kind of satisfaction from this gesture.

Animals do this as part of their return from an annual migration or as they emerge from hibernation and this simple routine helps them stay healthy and active, as they prepare for pro-creation and a year to create new life.

New life and a felling of oneness with nature is exactly how Pammy feels as the swallows that are Chapel Crafts summer residents return to renew, repair and in many cases rebuild their nests.

Swallows that soar high above the Welsh mountain ridge where the stone chapel has stood proudly for almost 200 years choosing to make this their home for themselves and for future offspring. Pammy often wonders how many generations of swallows have returned over the years, to this exact location.

Swallows that instantly know it’s time to leave, as the warm spring air currents indicate to these birds that it is time to depart from their winter homes, casting aside all fear for the harrowing journey that lies ahead. They eagerly set off for their summer destination with their inbuilt sat nav to guide them.

On this occasion they return to a little welsh stone chapel sitting on a hillside ridge, with views that overlook the severn valley and beyond to the Shropshire plains.

Lovingly watching these birds busy themselves with their lives Pammy feels a heartwarming sensation when they first arrive, glad to see they have survived their long trip. She watches as they flutter past as if to say “hello” accompanied by her 2 year old grandson “Alfie”, he loves to watch the swallows as they dive past.

Whilst watching them, Pammy contemplates the fact that if she was a migratory bird, she too would return to this her perfect home!

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