Chapel Crafts and the Loveable Crafting Community

I often wondered why people who love arts and crafts tend to have such loveable personalities. I am yet to meet one who is not warm and inviting, a pleasure to converse with.

Perhaps it is the simple fact that they are creating something that they love, that makes them so content or maybe people who work in this type of cottage industry realise the potential in being friendly and kind to potential customers. Something some business owners could learn to abide by.


Well whatever the reason, it is certainly true about my dear and relatively new friend “Hollie”. Hollie simply loves to sew and she is rather good at it, and much more besides. Hollies crafting skills include a collage of stitching, embroidery, fabrics and ribbons and with a growing collection of crafts and gift lines Hollie is in demand often selling out of her work and back logged with orders for her most popular creations.

One such masterpiece is Hollies “Sacred Hearts” I fell for these as soon as I saw her first prototype, a large wired framed heart, lovingly garnished in an array of different colour fabrics, voiles and ribbons that combined with such intricate detail that they create a gorgeous shabby chic style heart, almost as if they were made of coloured feathers.

I know that these “Sacred Hearts” will one day make “Hollie’s Hobbies” a household name and I plan to do all I can to help Hollie make this dream a reality. Working from her tiny workshop, in her typically welsh farmhouse kitchen. Hollie dreams of one day having her own workshop were she can while away the hours creating her latest masterpiece.

Hollie can be found attending seasonal craft fairs throughout the Mid Wales region and dearly loves to share her creations with others. Recently appointing me as her social media manager, Hollie can see the potential for online sales and taking her business venture one step at a time, she hopes one day to become part of a much bigger business, a goal she hopes to achieve as part of her 3 year plan for growth.

Hollie’s Facebook page is generating lots of interest around her craftwork and her newly acquired Twitter page is already encouraging new followers, making her well placed to strive towards her targeted goals.

Hollie has also recently agreed to collaborate with Chapel Crafts a local art studio and gallery that promotes art and craft projects in the community. This collaboration looks to place “Hollie’s Hobbies” on the map along with some targeted marketing and her new found social media presence, Hollie cannot fail.

If your interested in finding out more about Hollie and her “Sacred Hearts” then you are welcome to connect with Hollie socially or if your yet to master Facebook or Twitter then simply drop Hollie an email at [email protected]  

Want to get involved with Chapel Crafts then connect with them below for;
Painting classes and instruction, Chapel visits, demonstrations, workshops, special needs tutoring, Exhibitions, Garden Design or Social Media.

Chapel Crafts upcoming events include; Pledge auctions, Community Art’s projects, Monthly exhibitions, Open Garden days and much more.

Interested in helping Chapel Crafts Spread the Good Word the Challenge should you choose to accept it!

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4. Check out our workshops and demonstrations

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In my opinion a worthwhile cause deserving of some media attention, If you feel able please share this article with your social followers and see if we can generate some interest in this fund raising event.

We hope you enjoyed reading about Chapel Crafts and will feel compelled to visit “Pammy” very soon call to make an appointment or discuss painting classes on 01686 640722. 
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