Chapel Arts and Crafts Community Project and Fundraiser

Chapel Arts and Crafts Berriew
Berriew, Mid Wales famous for it’s local artist community

Follow the narrow winding lane, up into the hills high above the idyllic black and white cottages of Berriew and you are transported in to a carefree serenity that only exists in these remote isolated communities. At the centre of one such community stands proud a old welsh chapel, as it has done since the 17th century, once dilapidated and un-loved, now restored to it’s former beauty the chapel is quickly becoming a center of excellence for Art’s and Crafts.
Chapel Arts and Crafts needs your support to remain part of the community.

On arriving at the chapel you are warmly greeted by the current resident of the tiny cottage that joins the large stone chapel, with large double doors open to all that pass by and large welsh chapel style windows that allow the light to flood in. Pammy, Artist and Craft tutor has lived and worked at the chapel for almost 14 years and endured many a long winter to keep the chapel and it’s local art classes functioning.

Chapel Arts and Crafts Berriew Mid Wales

As any struggling artist will tell you, art in the community is more than just learning to paint, for many it is the confidence building regime that gives an artist the opportunity to socialise and engage with likeminded individuals. This is Pammy’s dream inviting a steady flow of artist and art lovers to the chapel, rain or shine. Fortunately with the rise and rise of social media and online shopping, internet savvy crafts people can now take advantage of the up turn in e-commerce sites and not just rely on physical sales and expensive set up cost.

Pammy want’s dearly to be able to remain at the chapel and to make this dream a reality, some pretty harsh decisions have to be made. Firstly the chapel whilst a warm and welcoming location during the summer becomes a cold and isolated building during the winter. Some rather heavy investments need to be made to provide adequate heating for the chapel and it’s many visitors and whilst the benefits of investing in the future are obvious a return on said investment is far from guaranteed.

The dilemma, to let the chapel stand empty and un-loved or to fond funds to invest around 3k into heating this once much loved community chapel? Pammy believes that the chapel responds well to visitors and recalls many a time that a past parishioner has returned to the chapel and been reduced to tears by the sheer beauty of the place. Pammy has invested her life and soul into making this not only her home but also a home for artists who care to drop by and has no intention of leaving anytime soon.

Proud and determined to succeed Pammy is never one to ask for handout’s but somehow the chapel always seems to provide, but this time even Pammy believes here request is over and above when can be expected of the chapel and it’s spiritual ways. Having someone other than a heavenly presence watching over the chapel is essential and if Pammy can help the local community at the same time then she feels her job is done!

So our request often said in prayer and yet unanswered is to source the necessary funds to provide basic economy 7 electric storage heating for the chapel. To enable artists to continue to use the place during the cold Autumn and Winter months and to safe guard precious artwork and crafts that are on display, just in case some one drops by and to enable local artists to get involved with events, fates, classes and demonstrations held at the chapel all year round.

The Challenge should you choose to accept it!

1. Get the message out – hit share let your Facebook, twitter and google friends know

2. Request our media pack available from 1st June! request your today..

3. Visit the Chapel and sign our Fund Raisers Guestbook confirming your support

4. Book in your Diary Bank Holiday August 26th for our Fundraiser Auction

5. Donate towards the Auction, large or small anything art based will be gladly accepted on Friday 23rd viewing and closed bids Saturday 22nd

For example…. 
I will be personally auctioning a days Professional Gardening valued at over £120

Large canvas paintings, Faberge style eggs, Sacred Hearts, Signed portraits

 A full days one on one painting class with Pammy

A Facebook page for your business and one months management worth over £240

more donation will be added as we receive them.

Prefer to donate you can do that by clicking here  

In my opinion a worthwhile cause deserving of some media attention, If you feel able please share this article with your social followers and see if we can generate some interest in this fund raising event.

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