The Art of Perception

Closing your eyes for just a few seconds, try to remember the last time you really studied a piece of artwork. Opening your eyes, now look around you, focus on whats in front of you! No not your PC, beyond that around your workspace, out through the window and the decor or furnishings.
chapel crafts
Pammy loves to paint landscapes – views from the Chapel, Cefn Y Faenor, Berriew.

Art is everywhere and most of us neglect it, take it for granted because we see it on a daily basis. Someone took the time to design those curtains, mixed those paints colours now lovingly applied to your walls, someone planted those trees and feeds those birds.
Back to the artwork you just visualised, the one that popped into your mind as you closed your eyes, as you mind opened up to recall something you took the time to focus on! 
What made that particular painting or artwork so special and why did you remember it so? Can it simply be because someone else told you it was great, perhaps famous or worthy of recognition or did it ignite some recognition from within a feeling you had locked away, generating an emotional response as you brought it too mind.
Pammy believe’s that by adjusting our way of thinking we can all learn to appreciate our view much better, and therefore provide ourselves with an enlightened awareness of our immediate surroundings. Reading this your are probably already interested in art and crafts in someway or another and already have this heightened ability within.
I wonder how many of us feel able to share this with others, how many of us really have the ability to express those feelings and share them with our friends and family?
A true artist not only views things differently they also are able to express these feelings by way of their talent, whether it be sculpture, painting, crafting etc. So combine that artists talent with the ability to teach. An art tutor who can not only put these feelings into a work of art for you to interpret but also can teach you how to create your own artwork that invites you to look at your subject differently.
One of Pammy’s first classes is painting clouds
For example during a beginners painting class, Pammy would ask her students to paint the sky, a standard procedure when painting a landscape and one that often comes first. So asking her students to really think about clouds, their structure, the depth of blue or grey to use, they would become absorbed in their painting relying on memory. 
Painting clouds that you can almost touch
Next week when the students return, she asks them about their week and if anything unusual happened to them! One lady responded about her bus trip and said that whilst day dreaming out the window, she began to look up at the clouds and began to imagine how she would paint them and noticed an overwhelming feeling, an emotion, a depth of understanding for the clouds she had usually taken for granted. That session she painted the most amazing sky, with clouds that you could almost feel and all because she changed her prospective of her surroundings. 
Artists can generate responses from others
This not only impressed her but also helped the class to view their paintings differently, this simple instruction whilst teaching a class to paint, generated an emotional response from others and Pammy believes we all have this ability within. Still think you cannot paint? Pammy believes everyone can learn to paint and enjoy the therapeutic experience it provides.
Pammy believes anyone can learn to paint and appreciate their surroundings

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