Pammy’s Calling – Opening the Chapel Doors to the Community.

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Pammy loves nothing better than sharing her artistic talents with others. She boldly states that she thinks of herself as more of an art tutor than an artist, humility being one of Pammy’s many loveable traits. 

Pammy visited Poland in 2009

Believing that this sense of sharing with the community not only fits with Pammy’s own beliefs but with those of the chapel itself. 
Odd to think that the chapel has it’s own wants and desires but listening to Pammy talk about the chapel and how she feels rewarded for even the simplest gesture, it’s easy to see how Pammy comes to her conclusion. 
Believing that the chapel has a magical side, a oneness with nature. A spiritual calling is a feeling that has remained with Pammy, since she first arrived at the newly restored welsh community chapel in the hills above Berriew, with her mother almost 15 years ago.
A journey that has taught Pammy to recognise the strength of community spirit that exists in the area and a desire to give back to the local residents. 
This is “Pammy’s Calling” a desire to open wide the large heavy wooden chapel doors to reach out to the local people, it’s artists, and craft loving community, inviting them to to embrace arts and crafts on every level.  
Pammy is determined to leave no one out and in fact particularly welcomes members of the community with special needs or learning disabilities. Inviting everyone to participate in social events, demonstrations and has future plans to open it’s doors as a daily art’s and crafts drop in centre for special needs and their carers in the community.
Committed to incorporating people of all backgrounds, abilities and ages, Pammy believes the chapel can provide a form of therapeutic healing for anyone who gets involved. Pammy believes that during her classes, simply reaching out and asking for help, that an overwhelming sense of peace can be experienced and this alone opens the way for many possibilities to occur. 
Pammy reaches out to the community

Chapel Crafts have a huge mountain to climb before they can achieve their goals not least because the heating system needs upgrading for all year round use and a toilet  for people of all abilities is required as is disabled access to the chapel.
Pammy calls out to local businesses and residents and beyond for help in realising this dream, believing it is the will of the chapel to finally reconnect as an outreach centre for the community. 
If you believe in Pammy’s Calling and would like to help or visit the welsh community chapel in the hills, then we would love to hear from you
Even the simplest gesture will be a big help, leaving a comment below, perhaps sharing this article with your friends, planning a trip to the chapel, subscribing to our newsletter or blog or perhaps you would like to make a small donation
However you feel able to assist Pammy appreciates your support and looks forward to connecting with you in the future.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Your already famous in my eyes! I only wonder why I have not found you before x Such a beautiful lady and so very talented! Shared and wishing you well.


  2. Alek says:

    So cute love the pictures and a heartwarming tale! Good luck with your venture.. Shared with friends


  3. Jessy says:

    A wonderful story, I wish you well x


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