Get Crafty with Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook have for years now been helping artists and crafters promote their works to a much wider audience. More recently Pinterest is stealing the limelight and introduces a new exciting concept for any small business owners looking to promote their crafts with the aid of digital photography.
Social Media helps Chapel Crafts with online sales and visitors
Utilising the power of social media is a great way to kick start your online sales and improve the footfall to your physical location or website. Whilst it takes a little planning to set up your strategy before you launch your new product to the world, once you have decided how to begin it is relatively easy to become a social media expert in a matter of a few months.
So why is this bucking trend helping artists and crafters in particular? Well the answer is simple, any business that uses photography to promote their product can benefit from increased visibility. All thanks to social networking and whilst the news is full of how cute pictures of cats and dogs are making headline news and gaining mass followers. In reality, high quality photographs cleverly marketed can generate a viral buzz around your product too.
Cleverly laid out social platforms with regular targeted postings, incorporating high quality photographs are providing a good return for the crafting industry, who have previously struggled to get their message out.
Nowadays everyone has a Facebook profile and it’s this mass popularity that enables business to tap into the targeted niche marketplace, that fits their brand, enabling spare room cottage industries to cash in. The benefits are huge but not only for the small work from home businesses but also advantageous for the consumer, enabling them to find exactly what they are looking for not just online but also directly in front of them on their home page timeline.
Savvy crafters and artist have been tapping into this resource for many years, but as online sales increase and the desire to buy unique personalised products grows you can be sure there are still plenty of opportunities for growth. If your yet to hear about Pinterest! Then where have you been? 
Pinterest is giving Facebook and Google a run for their money, so much so that updates to these huge social media platforms are rolling in thick and fast. Great news for businesses and even better news for consumers.
So before you rush off to update your Facebook status and post some quality pictures on your new Pinterest account. It is first important to evaluate where you are at and if you are headed in the right direction. Mistakes are costly and time consuming so it is critical you get this right, making corrections along the way as platforms change and graphics improve.
One of the most common and costly mistakes that people make is thinking that they can make do with their Facebook profile as a business page! This is a big no no! Not least because only your friends have access to this timeline but also because big brother is watching for your mis labelled profiles and threatens to not only close it down but to remove your access to Facebook completely.
So if your yet to start, there is lot’s of help, out there to make sure you start off on the right foot and if you have the time to study, read and put into practise little by little all you have learnt, then great! What you waiting for? But realistically their are very few people who can juggle social media and work from home activities and master a fine balance. Neglecting your online network because you are too busy or planning a holiday is another mistake many people make. Telling your followers you are closed, busy on holiday is fine if your already generating big bucks, but if your a small business starting out, everything you do online is being scrutinised by your potential new customers and for a few $$$ a day you can make sure your pages are run efficiently while you are away.
There are many online gadgets like Hootsuite and Tweetadder that make running your online social media business easier but it takes away the personality of your page, if you rely on these services too heavily. My advice use them little and often and only for a purpose, to broadcast a message that everyones going to want to hear, making an announcement or special offer will always grab peoples attention.
Of course you may be a total social media newbie and need assistance
 turning on your computer! Fear not there is help at hand and finding this support is getting easier, social media managers are coming out of the wood work, so to speak and when you find one you can relate too, then hold onto them tight because they are going to be in demand.
Here are a few tips for finding a social media manager
1. Always rely on recommendation ask around, see who is willing to share this information with you.
2. Meet face to face, on the telephone or Skype you want to know who you are dealing with.
3. Make sure they get your business and understand your motives for social media.
4. Ask lots of questions ask for samples of work, reviews and proven experience.
5. Think about what your getting for your money and secure a good deal.
6. Stick with individuals and make sure they are the ones posting to your pages.
7. Request regular updates and retain access to your platforms.
8. Guard private information securely, changing passwords if they cease working for you.
9. Request a trial period say 3 months to see the results of their work.
10. Pay only with Paypal so you can get your money back if it all goes wrong.
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To book our free evening class, an introduction to Social Media for Business or for more information call Pammy on 01686640722.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is really cool! How do i sign up for classes and are they really free! I need help with social media for my small handmade card business and wondered if this will help? I will message directly on by email to many thanks Barbara


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