Send some Love with a “Sacred Heart”

“Sacred Hearts” are the latest creation by “Hollies Hobbies“. Hollie first thought of the idea after making some scented heart shaped pin cushions for a friend. falling in love with the shape, Hollie began to create larger hearts and by combining various colours and textures of materials has perfected a craft that I can only describe as magical.

sacred heart

A hand picked collection of materials often sourced from goodwill not only enables Hollie to create an ecological sound gift line but also gives Hollie the opportunity to donate to charity. I sure you will agree with me that this simple gesture makes a “Sacred Heart” unique, in-fact no two hearts are the same and when ordering in advance you can even choose the colours and personalise your “Sacred Heart” with a loved ones name or seasonally festive hanging decoration.

sacred heart

The opportunities to display your “Sacred Heart” are endless and below is a picture of mine ordered for an Anniversary and I will soon be placing an order for a Christmas door greeter for a friend in the USA once I have chosen the colour scheme.

sacred heart

Finding somewhere to hang your “Sacred Heart”is easy, hang from a window or door these lightweight  hearts are made from a worry free construction and will not scratch or damage your home. Built to last “Sacred Hearts” make an ideal gift for a christening, an anniversary, wedding or funeral and imagine the fun you will have selecting your favourite colours for every occasion.

In fact with a little thought the display possibilities are never ending with Valentine’s, Easter, Mother’s day, St Patrick’s day and Halloween or Christmas all co-ordinated to your chosen colour schemes and themed with a hanging name plate or decoration.

sacred heart
Annie-Mae proudly showing off her “Sacred Heart”

Savvy business owners are already snapping up “Sacred Hearts” as a unique way to advertise their brand or products and I predict over the next few months demand for “Sacred Heart” soaring. If your looking for a precious individual gift for a loved one, which they can cherish for years to come then I think you will find just what you are looking for in a “Sacred Heart”.

sacred heart

Warning! Best be quick because whilst this product us undergoing marketing and demand testing the prices are extremely inexpensive and with plans to donate a percentage of each sale to charity prices will be sure to rise.

Place your order today and add your name to the wait list! “Sacred Hearts” are going to be a winner and claim yours while you can. Contacting Hollie is easy you can send her a message on Facebook or visit our new website at Chapel Crafts for Hollie’s contact number.

You can also email Hollie


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would love to send a beautiful sacred heart to my friend in Florida! Is this possible and who do i talk too? Thanks in advance Michael


  2. Andrzej says:

    Super looking hearts! I would love one for my little girl x will be in touch soon 🙂


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