Pammy’s Chapel Quest and the Return of the Prodigal Son.

It takes a particular type of person to be able to teach and when it comes to teaching students of all age groups and differing abilities, well that take real patience and skill. I would like to introduce to you an amazing awe inspiring artist, mother and special needs tutor, Pamela Junes, Pammy to anyone who knows her and since she will consider you her friend for reading this, then Pammy it is.

pammys chapel quest

Pammy is not one to brag in fact she describes her life as quite ordinary, fortunately I know better than to take Pammy’s frankly, down to earth approach to life as gospel and I was determined to find out more, not only that, I wanted to share Pammy’s story with the world because let’s be honest here. When it comes to finding selfless pillars of the community, they are in rather short supply and I hope you will agree with me when I say Pammy certainly is the cream of the crop.

As a past student of Pammy’s I have witnessed her transform a room of well frankly a mixed bunch of students from young children to ageing pensioners from a chatty rabble to a dedicated group of artists in a matter of seconds, not because she rules like the Iron lady herself but because in her shy, appealing way Pammy takes control of her classes, as soon as she begins to instruct. In fact so taken with Pammy’s style of tutoring that a devoted silence fills the large converted chapel space almost as if we are at prayer.

Pammy’s Gallery and Art studio, is in fact a wonder to behold in it self and on first sight walking in through the large old wooden double doors you cannot help to be in awe of such magnificence, not least because of the high draped ceilings and feeling of serenity that this space offers… Enjoying this article then please read more

Want to get involved with Chapel Crafts then connect with them below for;
Painting classes and instruction, Chapel visits, demonstrations, workshops, special needs tutoring, Exhibitions, Garden Design or Social Media.

Chapel Crafts upcoming events include; Pledge auctions, Community Art’s projects, Monthly exhibitions, Open Garden days and much more.

Interested in helping Chapel Crafts Spread the Good Word the Challenge should you choose to accept it!

1. Get the message out – hit share let your Facebook, twitter and google friends know

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4. Book in your Diary Bank Holiday August 26th for our Fundraiser Auction

5. Donate towards the Auction, large or small anything art based will be gladly accepted on Friday 23rd viewing and closed bids Saturday 22nd

For example…. 
I will be personally auctioning a days Professional Gardening valued at over £120

Large canvas paintings, Faberge style eggs, Sacred Hearts, Signed portraits

 A full days one on one painting class with Pammy

A Facebook page for your business and one months management worth over £240

more donation will be added as we receive them.

Prefer to donate you can do that by clicking here  

In my opinion a worthwhile cause deserving of some media attention, If you feel able please share this article with your social followers and see if we can generate some interest in this fund raising event.

We hope you enjoyed reading about Hollies Hobbies and Chapel Crafts and will feel compelled to visit “Pammy” and “Hollie” very soon call to make an appointment or discuss painting classes on 01686 640722. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a great article and an interesting project! Best Wishes


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