Autumn Sunrise

September 23, 2017 igrowhort 1

Glistening in the morning rays Summers green turn a yellow hue Shimmering with the Autumn dew Rustic shades fall shorter days Trees awash with Golden […]

Food for Thought

September 13, 2017 Head Gardener 3

Food to live, food to grow, food rich in natural goodness! Thinking about adding to your diet, wholesome, plant based, wholefoods grown locally or better […]

Fall of Autumn

September 10, 2017 Head Gardener 2

Subtle shades of Autumn have a tale to tell, of fortune of glory of colour every hue. [blog_subscription_form] Join me on Stephen Pryce-Lea Head Gardener […]


September 9, 2017 Head Gardener 0

Time – A journey with moments so preciously fragile that they become life’s memory bliss!   Join me on Stephen Pryce-Lea Head Gardener and International […]

How to Grow Apple Trees in Small Gardens

August 27, 2017 Head Gardener 2

Apple trees lend themselves to training their delicate young grafted stems to various shapes, namely Espalier tiers, Fan trained or Cordon fruit trees. So whilst many of us don’t have room for an orchard we can often create frame work or clothe a sunny wall with professionally trained fruit trees.