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Ask me you’re gardening questions, share with me your stories of garden successes and failures.

I have been employed as a full time gardener since 1986, I have had the pleasure of working alongside some of the most talented and enthusiastic team of gardeners all over the World for many years now. Happy with my choices in life as I quietly gain confidence in my knowledge and develop a flair for all things gardening.  Happy to say my career is incredibly rewarding and varied, I have had the pleasure of tending to some of the most prestigious private gardens internationally.

Now making home in “Philadelphia the City of garden Love” I spend my days designing gardens and container displays, while managing operations in the field and supplies for the crews. I find blogging is a great way to improve my communication skills and improve the thought process for presentations. 

Guest speaking and horticultural talks are my next target to reach, I have a desire to share my passion for horticulture with as many people as possible and I believe that it’s the enthusiasm and positive vibe that will help me achieve my horticultural goals.

Always looking to make new gardening friends, I want to share my love of grading with the World. Got a story to tell, want to tell us about your favorite flowers? Come guest blog with me I am always entered to hear from new garden writers and happy to give your articles a social share. Leave me your garden related blog links below and let’s get social.

Fall a time of reflection on Summers past explosive carnival of color as autumnal tones change the hue.

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