The Naked Gardener – D is for Determination

A late night conversation with Mother can lead to some enlightening discussions and a few home truth’s that are often best forgotten by morning! Fortunately I’m getting good at retaining information since I rarely drink and try to stay fit.

However I was getting frustrated by the lack of retention in even the simplest things like people’s names and dates! So I took action and decided that by altering my focus and priority I should be able to recall dates, plant and people’s names and appointments much better.


My Family loved to get in on the act and Robert loved all the attention!

Back to my fireside story as Mother recalled snippets from my childhood as we sat huddled in front of the tiny log burning stove (the only heat source in her stone Chapel-side cottage that she loves so dearly). She told me that between my brother and I, it was I that was the confident child.

Apparently I would eagerly greet people with a bold naivety in thinking that everyone is good, often giving my Mum a fright as a tug at people’s legs whilst queuing or running ahead of her to greet all animals in my line of sight.

A quick change of school and a formal complaint by my Mother put a halt to the persecution and provided me with the first teacher male positive role model in my sheltered Fatherless life. I say Fatherless I have a father, he was there growing up, he provided and largely completed his fatherly duties free of emotion and void of love.


I promised to the brightest star’s to accomplish everything he hadn’t, also to be emotional, expressive, open and honest, caring loving and kind.

It felt like I was reaching for the stars, timid, quietly spoken, scrawny Welsh boy! I finally took control and claimed back my life from the bullies, the name calling , the face-paint, the hung while wearing my jacket, from the cloakroom coat hooks or public ridicule of being forced ass first into a playground bin was all finally behind me. I had once been a reserved, shy and quietly spoken child, they tormented me for my soft-spoken ‘posh’ voice, in-turn I shone through and turned a corner from the taunting and began put my well spoken British accent to good use.

I finally felt the pain drip away as I turned the hate to power and threw myself into my career and subsequent relationships.


By my late teens I felt I had the World in my grasp

All these childhood nightmares that alone I could not stop, became my lesson, my truth my strength of character! I was determined and damn was I going to use it to become a Man and draw from my own destiny. Gardening was my savior my guiding light, I sought its solace, savored its grace and cried myself a garden, as I carved a career that was to be filled with a lifetime of love, life and learning.

To have been part of the generations that have experienced so much social progress and yet bear media witness to so much targeted hate is hard to comprehend. Naively over the last five years I had begun to think the World was becoming a better place to live! Happier, healthier, environmentally conscious society that reduces its red meat intake, find other way to farm the land that is productive and not destructive like the waste of innocent lifes, through Fire, Flood, Tornado or Terror attack.


!Take the Challenge a week meat free!

Instead feed our bodies nutritious healthy whole foods that the land provides and nature protects. I’m done with chemicals and toxins, in my body on my garden plants or in my environment!

I’m currently combining a low impact fitness regime along side an attempt towards a fully vegan plant whole food diet. vegetarian and more so veganism seem to be gaining in popularity due to genuine informed lifestyle choice that exceeds the torrent of  fads and trendy celebrity diets.

As I mentioned in the previous article A Garden Cure for Writers Block , I explain that I’m at a crossroads in my life, my career and you might like to read what we’ve been up to since I was reunited with my husband in the Always Sunny City of Philadelphia.


I survived Halloween and thought you might like to see what we got up to? Pumpkin Carving and Caramel Fudge a falltime trick or treat.


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Stephen Pryce-Lea

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“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion grow together, when you find it in a Garden it’s like finding Paradise“

iGrowHort – A Head Gardener’s Horticultural Journey of love, life and learning.


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