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My Mother said many years ago “You are at your happiest working in the soil and among your plants” as always she was right, pottering in the garden is still where I ike to be the most.

My son is a Head Gardener and knows exactly what to do where and when, this certainly helps although I have to keep it all in order. It is not enough really just to enjoy weeding and digging, the knowledge of plants and where they will thrive is crucial, the sharing of knowledge is necessary to grow, and I bombared my Son with questions everytime we talk.

Fortunately there is a massive gardening family of like-minded people out there, sharing and learning with articles books, programmes etc, that we can all enjoy and garden together for growth at any age.

I thought once I got older that I would not enjoy being outside as much, but the truth is I enjoy it even more, and yes I do need help with the heavy work, but mainly I can cope and being out of doors, keeps me well and positive.

I also love arts and crafts, so this year with my usual table at our local village show, I decided to add some plants. With advice from my son, we made Vintage Succulents, succulents in vintage style China, teapots vases etc, I didn’t really expect to sell any! But I actually sold out, and the beauty of them is they stay with you all winter long, so am busy growing and creating more.

I love having a greenhouse to work in, I can get out of the rain, I live on a hilltop, which brings problems with high winds. During some such gales, the roof blew off, took a long time to fix, but is fixed and is now netted down.

Wherever there is a problem, there is also a solution, the solution may take a while to Spring to mind but it will come as long as you never give up. I’ve made a standing out area (that used to be my car park) all around my greenhouse now, and it looks really good. I hope to sell a few perennials and Butterfly bushes to my neighbours during my retirement, but if not I’ll always have plenty of gifts to give, just like the gifts my garden (and Son) gives to me.

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