Attract Night-Time Pollinators with Scented Garden Flowers 

First thought, you might think that night scented flowers are those that go to waste and no-body sees. However whilst most of us are in a deep sleep, nocturnal wildlife and insects are busy pollinating and feeding from night scented garden flowers.

Attracted by strong night-time aromas hawksmoth, parasitic moths and night time insects are particularly attracted to white, yellow and pale flowers that reflect the moonlight.

Gardeners rely heavily on nocturnal insects to continue the work of day visiting counterparts. Cooling daytime temperatures sends sun-loving pollinators into a nighttime dormancy their muscles relax until the morning sun rises them airborne.


Sweet peas grown for their scent often attract a large following of pollinators from far and wide. Day and night these colourful twining peas often grown in vegetable gardens to enhance pollination amongst flowering crops to ensure an abudant harvest.

Night time moths flourish in the cold air temperatures at dusk and are attracted to night fall opening flowers that also prefer to avoid the Sun’s heat of the day.

Butterfly bushes across the land invite flying insects and pollinators to feed from its scented blooms, however the white and palest flower spikes if this fast growing shrub attract most nocturnal interest.

Honeysuckle renowned for its sweet scent is enhanced by the stillness of a warm evening, after basking in the heat of the midday sun the honeysuckle exceeds a sweet odour to attract pollinators to feed. Choose varieties with white or lemon coloured flowers to attract a wider interest of moths and night flying insects.

Flowers open as the evening cools and a subdued nighttime send is carried by the evening’s breeze announcing the heavily scent of night time nectar producing flowers.

Many flying insects gather at dusk and dawn as the birdsong peaks and waivers it’s all action stations for the insect night shift.

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