Corfu Garden Island – Blogging at thirty three thousand feet.

Managing an active blog can be a challenge, especially when you have a job where you have to think on your feet!  That’s why at thirty-three thousand feet on a flight to the garden island of Corfu, I’m making the most of some free time to write an article for my gardening blog (Getting me to sit still is a rare occasion).

If you hadn’t already guessed i am extremely passionate about gardening, plants and nature. Sharing my knowledge and horticultural experience with you, ignites and fulfils a desire to teach that has stayed with me since high school.
So flying the red eye from London to the beautiful rich in flora and fauna garden island of Corfu is a return trip that I have been looking forward to sharing with you all Winter.

As Head Gardener I am fortunate to be able to share my horticultural knowledge with a team of Greek mainland gardeners who maintain my clients estate in my absence. Leaving detailed instructions, lob lists and my recommendations last November. I now return to inspect my clients estate and prepare the gardens and properties for their first visit of the season.

Working in the North East costal region of Corfu has been an unexpected perk to my job as Estate Manager. Returning during early Spring, allows me the opportunity to see Corfu’s wildflowers at their best. As warm air temperatures and heavy showers are plentiful, forcing the plants that have made this tiny island of Corfu home, burst into a riot of floral colour.

Returning to the island for the third time this trip is extra special for two reasons, 1) I’m told Spring in Corfu is to be experienced first hand and as this is my first visit in April I’m looking forward to carpets of Spring flowers to share with you. 2) I have the perfect travel companion in my hubby, who is experiencing the garden isle for the very first time.

At this point I should probably explain that out trip is far from a holiday (well for my better half it is) in-fact returning to the exclusive villa lined costal region of Kerasia is a privilege and getting to stay on one of the top private Estate near the Rothchilds of course is s real treat.
Managing a UHNWI Estate and associated properties on the outskirts of London sure has its challenges. Especially when perfection is the order of the day, a manicured garden, horse paddocks and livestock could not be more different, than what awaits us in Corfu.

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The next ten days will give me an opportunity to unwind and de-stress and not a moment too soon. Spring is typically a busy time for gardeners the world over as everyone starts thinking by about the upcoming season as snowdrops and daffodils give way to Tulip, Camassia and Allium flowers that gently introduce us to warmer weather, longer days and an abundance of garden colour.

Getting to experience first hand the climatic difference between growing sub-tropical and tender perennials as annuals in the UK and seeing up close and personal the same plants thriving in their natural environment is a valuable opportunity to expand my knowledge base and furnish my career with invaluable plant cultivation and identification.

Having worked in horticulture for over 30 years I now find myself in the fortunate position of being able to direct my career towards the flight path of my choosing.
If your interested in a fast pace moving career that enables you to keep your feet on or in the ground (expect when flying of course).

Then you might enjoy reading my top blog post “How to become a Head Gardener” or if your tempted by the thought of visiting Corfu for yourself then your bound to enjoy my past and future articles a told in my own unique style from a gardeners perspective.

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